Water Conservation Specialists

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Commercial / HOA
Water Conservation Specialists works with Commercial Businesses and Homeowner's Associations to help their properties conserve water and reduce costs associated with damage to buildings, parking lots, and fences from irrigation system overspray.

Our Services Include:

Landscape Irrigation Survey
We evaluate your irrigation system and provide you with a report on deficiencies and give recommendations for water conserving irrigation products to reduce water waste and overspray.  Suggestions include using Smart controllers, sensors, drip irrigation, and low volume rotary sprinklers.

Water Target Report
Let us analyze your historic water use and compare it to your potential estimated water use to see where you can conserve water and save money

Irrigation Controller Programming
Not sure if your maintenance crew is applying the appropriate amount of water to your landscapes?  We will calculate each irrigation zone's run time based on plant type, irrigation type, site conditions, and weather data.  We can also program your ET based Smart controllers.

Irrigation System Design
We can create a design with the most current irrigation industry technology to reduce your water consumption.  Let us help you chose the right Smart controller, drip irrigation method, and rotary spray system best for your landscape.

Landscape Design
Does your landscape need a complete overhall?  Increase the value of your property with a new "California Friendly" drought tolerant landscape design.

Landscape and Irrigation Training
We will train your maintenance crew on proper landscape maintenance practices as well as instruction on irrigation troubleshooting and repairs.

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