Water Conservation Specialists

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Landscape Professionals
Water Conservation Specialists provides consulting services to the following Green Industry Professionals:

    Landscape Architects and Designers
    Landscape Contractors
    Irrigation Suppliers

Our Services Include:

Irrigation System Audits
We evaluate existing irrigation sytems and produce reports on deficiencies as well as provide recommendations for water conserving irrigation products.  Suggestions include using Smart controllers, sensors, drip irrigation, and low volume rotary sprinklers.

Irrigation Scheduling
We provide irrigation system scheduling based on local CIMIS weatherstation data, plant factors, irrigation precipitation rates, and site conditions.  We can also program your ET based Smart controllers.

Irrigation System Design and Design Review
Whether you need an irrigation system designed from start to finish or simply a review of an existing design we'll see that your best interests are covered.

Conceptual Landscape Plan
We will design a landscape concept plan for your customers that brings together their desires with your strengths allowing you to focus your energies on other aspects of your business.

Central Control System Options
Let us help you determine which Central Control System will best meet your client's needs.  We will help establish design guidelines to standardize the design process or troubleshoot their existing Central Control System to optimize it's features.

Construction Walk-Through
We can meet with your landscape contractor in a pre-construction meeting to insure that the intent of your contract documents are followed.  We will conduct an irrigation system functional test to verify that the system was installed per plans, details, and specifications.  A detailed "punch list" will be submitted upon completion of the inspection.

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
Beginning in 2010 the California Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (AB 1881) will require that a CLIA provide MAWA and ETWU calculations for your landscape designs as well as certification of irrigation installations.  We can assure that these new requrements are met with satisfaction.

Seminars and Workshops
We will train your employees, staff, and customers on irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance.  We also provide training on drought management and irrigation products intended to conserve water.


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